Here are Top Benefits of Micro needling


If you come across either the term micro needling or collagen induction therapy, just know the two words mean the same. This involves the use of fine needles to create hundreds of invisible tiny puncture wounds in the upper most layer of the skin. This may apparently not sound very pleasing especially when one imagines the aspect of the skin being “pierced.” The good thing about this is that it is virtually painless and very effective whether done by a trained aesthetician, plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. The small injuries created in your skin stimulate the natural way of your natural body healing. This is the technique which is used to rejuvenate the skin. This is how it works in details.

As your skin ages, repair and rejuvenation mechanism starts to decline naturally; this begins at the age of 28 years. This is primarily due to the decrease of collagen density in the skin. Micro needling acts as a skin rejuvenation treatment as it helps trigger collagen as well as the elastin synthesis within the skin with maximum results and minimum downtime. It is very safe to almost skin types; you can confirm this from a qualified dermatologist. This then makes it perfect for old men and women; the older one becomes, the less collagen your body produces naturally. Go to this homepage for more info!

Here are the benefits that you can reap from micro needling.

This is a very sound way of repairing visible scar. Various studies have shown that nearly 100% of acne-scarred participants reported a remarkable improvement in the visibility of their acne scars. This treatment is also used to improve wrinkles, minimize pore size as well as induce the tightening of the skin. It can also be used to correct stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation.

Here is what you are supposed to avoid always; stay away from retinoids as well as treatments for auto-immune illnesses for 24 hours before the micro-needling treatment. You should also avoid sun exposure to the treated body part for 24 hours also before the treatment. In case this procedure occurred with Isotretinoin within the last six months, it should also be avoided. Click this link to know more!

When do you expect to see the results? The boosting of collagen and elastin within the dermis typically takes time, and therefore final results are noticeable from three to twelve months. This may differ from one person to the other but ordinarily remodeling the skin and complete rejuvenation takes 3-12 months.


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